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   From September 15 to September 17 of year 2000 a covention called ISTROCON 2000 took place in Bratislava. It was honoured with the presence of two guest from the US - the sci­fi writer Mike Resnick and (IMO more interesting for you) the actor Ted Raimi.
   BTW Ted and Mike have announced they will write a short story together - if that really happens I wonder what it gonna be about ...

   And now for the photos ...

This is the one I'm really proud of. I took a little time to convince Ted Raimi, and, as you can see, he finally agreed. So now I can tell I have something in common with Lucy and Renee - I've hold Ted's nose too :­)

Mike Resnick talking about his experiences with Hollywood and Africa - believe me, there were only geographical differences, because both Hollywood and Africa are sometimes really insane.

From the lecture "Traces of Conan at Slovakia".

Ondrej Neff (Czech sci­fi writer and journalist) reading his nasty perverse deadly vacuum moon short story.

Once again Ondrej Neff. He's gladly watching, that a lot of people came to the hall during his reading. But he doesn't know yet, that the people in most cases came not because of him, but because Ted Raimi was to be the next one on the stage.

Please turn your mobile phone off! Otherwise it's possible, that Ted Raimi will seize it and a friend calling you might get shocked.

Ted Raimi talking about Kevin Smith's natural accent.

Me and Mike Resnick.

Ted Raimi after I asked him, if he could look like Ted Raimi and not like Joxer for a while.

This is the bulding where the convention took place.

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